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I hope you have enjoyed viewing my art work.  All paintings are for sale.   They are done in oil and each painting has been professionally framed.   A brief description, including actual size of the canvas follows.  Please email for pricing:

Art Works:

1.  Waiting for the roundup.  This is an actual chuckwagon used on special occasions at Big Bend Ranch State Park in Presidio, TX.
     Size of the canvas is 8" x 10"

2.  Stormy Sunset.  West Texas has some of the most wonderful sunsets.  This is a picture of an old windmill and tank as the sun was                  going down.  Size of the canvas is 16" x 20"

3.  Spanish Dagger.  This is a picture of an agave and Spanish dagger in front of a house in Alpine, TX.  Size of canvas is 11" x 14"

4.  Sheep grazing in the desert.  This picture combines images taken years ago in Arizona with the suggestion that I put sheep in it.
     Size of canvas is 16" x 20"

5.  Prickly Pears in bloom.  While volunteering in Big Bend National Park, I saw many of these purple tinged cactus in bloom.  They are   
     lovely.  Size of canvas is 6" x 9"

6.  Lone Eagle.  A friend took this picture and I liked it so much, that I painted it.  Size of canvas is 8" x 10"

7.  Evenings Glory in Presidio.   When I was volunteering at Fort Leaton State Historic Site in Presidio, TX, this was the view out my                        window.   Many, many gorgeous sunsets.  Size of canvas is 9" x 12"

8.  Big Bend Ranch Longhorn.  I took this picture as I was leaving the ranch headquarters at Sauceda.  There was water running across
     the road and the longhorn was posing for me.   Size of canvas is 8" x 10"

9.  Agave in the snow.  Yes, it does snow on occasion in far West Texas.  This picture was taken in the Chisos Basin area of Big Bend
     National Park.  Size of canvas is 10" x 10"

10.  Desert Treasure.  The remains of many trucks and cars can be found in Big Bend National Park.  This is one of them.  Size of canvas is   
       10" x 10"

Additional Art Works:

1.  Spring Beauties.  Daffodils and butterflys are two favorite things around the McCall Gallery.  Size of canvas is 11" x 14"

2.  Into the wind.  While stationed in Newport, Rhode Island, in the Navy, there were many, many sailboats sailing in the bay and ocean. 
     This was a fun picture to paint.  Size of canvas is 9" x 12"

3.  A quiet place.  Just an experiment in remembering a view I saw many years ago.  Size of canvas 16" x 20"

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